Turnkey SaaS Kit and Deployment Service.

Deploy a SaaS pre-configured with essentials. Go to market faster and cheaper.

All you need to do is hand us the keys, sit back and relax.

Get informed with frequent updates on progress via email.

4+ hours of detailed video guides on how it all works & community.

Save precious developer time and money.

Direct phone line in case of any issues for any reason.

$999 at launch.

Pledge now and get for $599 (%40 off).

You won't be charged today.

Scalable Backend with an MVP deployed.

Minimum Viable Landing Page

SaaS Starter Application

NodeJS / Express JS Installation

Landing page with working email form to collect leads.

Sign up and login pages for your users.

Pricing page


Sign up users via Twitter, Facebook, Google(*)

(*)You need to create the social accounts and get API keys.

Subscribe users, collect payments with Stripe

Collect emails with Mailchimp

AWS Cloud Setup

Domain Setup (via Route53)

Secure HTTPS certificate and setup

Redis memory store for sessions

CloudFront setup for caching assets

Auto Scaling Web Servers

Using Elastic Beanstalk, single AZ

Network Setup

Virtual Private Cloud with public IP, Security Groups

Stable, production-ready database

PostgreSQL via RDS. Sequelize ORM

Can I learn how the setup works?

Yes! Free, detailed videos for how the entire setup is done.

Why this configuration?

It is the easiest way to get started with an MVP with:

· A bare minimal web app already integrated with most common needs.

· A backend that can serve you long term.

· You have the full control.

· None to little dependency on 3rd party services.

Low maintenance

Deploy updates within seconds with a single command

Secure, stable, scalable, time-tested.