Marketing your Course for Success

A big challenge in selling your technical course is attracting an audience. Tech Buzz has powerful marketing tools and an audience of tech learners to help you promote your course.

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Designed to bring you visibility at every opportunity.

Unlike private communities and social media, your Tech Buzz site is designed to get you discovered via SEO.

All your activity such as community discussions, newsfeed, blog posts, free episodes work towards attracting an audience to your course site.

Create effective sales pages for your course with no effort

Requires no design skills. Sells your course effectively.

Your course sales page populates itself with course data such as episodes, video thumbnails, student profiles.

Use the built in blogging tool to promote your course

Buzz sites have built-in blog functionality that help you attract new users to your community and convert to buyers of your course.

Capture emails at multiple engagement points

An email list is an effective way to build an audience for your course.

Capture emails in course landing page, your main site, or when viewing free episodes of your course.

Emails are sent to your configured Mailchimp list.

high quality public conversations

Build your own community of learners

Use the threads and newsfeed feature to engage with followers and members of your course site.

Leverage community activity to get found online via SEO.

Track your success with course analytics

Your course analytics dashboard shows how you are doing in terms of viewers, and buyers of your course.

View performance of your courses, episodes.

Get discovered in the Tech Buzz network

Tech Buzz is a growing community of course creators and tech learners.

Your content is categorized and shared with thousands of tech learners in the Tech Buzz discover page.

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