The essentials for hosting your technical course

Create course series with videos and articles.

Create your own branded course hosting site, course sell pages, community, technical blog and so much more.

Get Started

Build your own unique branded course site.

Customize the colors, buttons, background images that reflect your brand. Use your own domain.

Buzz is white label. It is easy to brand and customize requiring no design skills.

Lightweight text editor

Easily compose textual course episodes, add code samples, videos.

Your own course community

Engage and help users to build a growing community.

Leverage your community for a stronger online presence of your course site.

Maintenance free.

Buzz is a hosted software service. No more plugins, installations, updates, maintenance, hosting providers etc. We update, maintain and host your site.

Designed for fast learning.

Layed out like a public social network with uniform content cards & a newsfeed. Learners can get up to speed with bite-size tutorials without clicking and navigating.

Develop your course fast through a simple dashboard.

Manage everything about your course launch process through an easy to use dashboard designed for minimal data entry.

Manage your team, topics, episodes, community members.

Mobile support.

Learners can watch episodes on the go.

SEO Optimizations.

Automatically updated titles, meta tags, and optimized pages for keywords. Lightweight HTML and optimized for search engines.

Hosting basics included.

Pages load under a second. Secured with HTTPS. CDN enabled. Optimized image uploads

Learners find what they need fast on your site

Super simple UI that prioritizes time to information

Fast and accurate search with type-ahead.

Searching your courses, episodes, blog posts is efficent

Fast and Accurate Search