Create educational content at a fast pace.

Lightweight content editor that makes it a breeze to share tutorials, videos, code samples.

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Brand in a few minutes. Make it your own.

Customize the colors, buttons, background images that reflect your brand.

Buzz is white label and easy to brand and customize by non-technical staff.

Reduce your support workload

A real community that helps each other with real names and faces. A high quality knowledge base.

Tools for outreach. Invite colleagues, guest authors, and members.

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high quality public conversations

Maintenance free.

Buzz is a hosted software service. No more plugins, installations, updates, maintenance, hosting providers etc. We update, maintain and host your site.

Designed for reading. Fewer clicks to navigate.

You know how developer zones have lots of sections that require lots of clicks to navigate? Not anymore. Tech Buzz is layed out like a social network with uniform content cards, a newsfeed. Content flows and loads as you scroll requiring no clicks or active navigation.

Simple Team Dashboard.

Manage Stories, Authors, Members through an easy to use dashboard designed for minimal data entry.

Mobile Optimized.

Designed for mobile phones and tablets from the start.

SEO Optimized.

Buzz automatically updates titles, meta tags, and can optimize pages for keywords. Buzz pages are lightweight HTML and optimized for search engines.

Fast and secure.

Pages load under a second. Secured with HTTPS. CDN enabled. Optimized image uploads

Fast & Accurate search.

Your customers will find information in under a few milliseconds with instant auto-complete.

Fast and Accurate Search

Awesome Features in the Pipeline.

Instant sharing to everywhere your audience hangs out, collaborative writing, single sign-on, article translations to 15 languages.

See features in the works below in more detail.

Share everywhere your audience hangs out.

Instant share of content to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo, Youtube, Snapchat, Medium, Twitch, Reddit

Reach a bigger audience when you have great content already performing well.

Collaborative Writing

Collaborate on draft articles in real-time. Add comments, suggestions to draft posts.

Edit documents in real time as a team, revert back to previous versions. Publish with a single click when ready.

Instant AI-based translations between 15 languages.

Publish in English once, reach a global audience.

AI based translations does the bulk of the work of translating long stories. Translate between French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Polish, and Swedish!

Instant translations between 15 languages

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