Learn How To Develop a Landing Page and Collect Sales Leads using ExpressJS/NodeJS

    30 high quality and free videos that teach ExpressJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap

    Bahadir Balban

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    30 high quality and free videos that teach how to develop a landing page and collect sales leads using ExpressJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap.

    Full source code released free for your own use including business purposes.

    If you are a front-end developer, digital marketer, entrepreneur, who wondered how back-end software development is done, this is the guide for you.

    Source Code

    You can use the source code freely in your own projects.

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    Nsikak Sunday


    Jun 11

    On closer look, I found the nvm filer in the Users directory, deleted it and tried again, this time the error says "fatal: unable to check-out working tree warning: Clone succeeded, but checkout failed."

    Nsikak Sunday


    Jun 11

    Hello, I wasn't able to install nvm, maybe because I already had node installed before starting this tutorial, however after installing Nodemon, it would not start as a dev dependency, why? I also noticed while trying to install nvm, it gave a bunch of errors to include You currently have modules installed globally with `npm`. These will no => longer be linked to the active version of Node when you install a new node => with `nvm`; and they may (depending on how you construct your `$PATH`) => override the binaries of modules installed with `nvm`: could this be why?