Tech Buzz FAQ

Bahadir Balban

Started Tech Buzz


What is Tech Buzz?

It is a white label software service to launch developer communities focused around educational content.

We think the best way to market technical products is to explain them well and educate.

Buzz is a white-label SaaS that makes it easy to launch technology blogs where you explain how your products work, educate users and connect with them.

Here is a demo.


You can always roll your own developer zone. If you launch a Buzz site though, the audience is here to learn about technology. It’s simple to use, yet with features that developers & technologists will like.

For example you can easily add code snippets:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    // Where does the argc and argv come from? Find out on Buzz.
    return 0;


What is different about it?

Audience focus on tech education. Simplicity. Business support.

Here is a list of some of our features.

Why should I use it?

It’s an easier way to explain your products as a team, and reach an audience with appetite to learn about technology. Also, you want to connect with your users on your own business place and control the end to end experience. Buzz is white label meaning you don’t have to be part of a platform. You can brand and use under your own business domain.

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