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Bahadir Balban

Buzz Founder


Industrial & Technical Training Content

At Tech Buzz we produce industrial training videos on how to achieve and accomplish objectives in a computer related technical domain.

Videos are a significantly underused and powerful medium for training engineers at scale. In today’s world where engineer staffing shortage is at a peak, video training provides an immense opportunity to train people en-masse.

However, it is not easy to find engineering leaders who can translate their practical knowledge into a series of effective training videos and curriculum.

Similarly if you are marketing a new tech platform, winning is a matter of how much adoption you get in your industry. The more differentiated and technical a solution is, the more training is required. For walkthroughs with many steps, training videos can work at scale many times better than go-figure-it-out style documentation.

This is where Tech Buzz can help. With our expertise on most computer related industries and video training production capabilities, we can produce and deliver the right content for staff training and tech evangelism.

Tech Buzz Learning Management Sites

We believe in making training content as easily accessible as possible. Tech Buzz is developed as a learning management system with training series, that you can embed under your company domain, e.g. https://your-company.com/training. This way anyone can visit and start learning about you under your company’s web presence.


Founder: Bahadir Balban - Previously built an embedded hypervisor and microkernel, virtualized the linux kernel, started and sold a high tech company. Profile on Buzz

Back-end SW Engineer: Deepak Gupta - Previous experience with databases, handling the backend and database models. Profile on Buzz

UI / UX Design: Mizko Media, world class designer Michael Wong and his team.


The company Buzz Software Inc is based in Mountain View, CA. We work remotely.

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