About Tech Buzz

Bahadir Balban

Buzz Founder


Tech Buzz is an educational platform to modernize conversation around high tech and tech products.

Our goal is to teach important technical topics quickly in form of free and paid courses. We evangelize new technologies and related products with in-depth education.

Industrial and Technical Training Content

At Tech Buzz we produce industrial training videos on how to achieve and accomplish objectives in a computer related technical domain.

Videos are a significantly underused and powerful medium for training engineers at scale. In today’s world where engineer staffing shortage is at a peak, video training provides a big opportunity to train people on advanced topics at a low cost.

If you are marketing new technology, winning is a matter of how much adoption you get in your industry. The more differentiated and technical a solution is, the more training is required. For walkthroughs with many steps, training videos can be very effective compared to go-figure-it-out style documentation, or high-level introductions. The best part is that a training video designed to teach one on one, can be used many times at scale.

This is where we can help. With our industrial expertise on computer related domains and video training production capabilities, we can produce and deliver the right content for tech evangelism and staff training.

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