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Bahadir Balban

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Tech Buzz is getting developed for you to learn technology fast in short practical videos. Here’s why we are building this.

Learning how to do something is very powerful (1). It opens new doors, enables you to achieve things you could not do before. It puts you at equals with others who have more resources.

While learning is very valuable, learning from an educator is oftentimes a frustrating experience. The reason has to do with the way content is designed and delivered.

Learn and use immediately

If you are being taught a topic that you are not immediately going to need right after learning, your motivation to learn will be extremely low. This is natural since there is no good reason to spend the mind effort to get intricate details about a topic you will need “some time in the future” and will probably forget. It is the most rational thing that you have a low motivation in this case.

If you will need to use the knowledge right away, that is the right time to learn, and even a lazy person will be motivated at this moment. We designed Tech Buzz content to be immediately useful after you consume them.

Instructions from start to finish

If someone tells you “here is how X is done” and leaves gaps in the tools you need to buy, the tools you need to set up, then there is lots of ambiguity left out to you to resolve to make progress. You have to work those out yourself. Which makes the whole point of enabling you less effective.

Tech Buzz courses are designed to be applicable from beginning to end picking the right tools and setup to remove any doubt and ambiguity.

Practical versus theoretical

Theoretical education invokes the same question in one’s mind, when am I going to need to use this theory? To avoid this we advocate that theory needs to be delivered immediately before practice, and distilled into the key points that apply to the practical material that comes right after.

In a Tech Buzz course we deliver the required theory right before it is going to be used. This way it is highly relevant and motivational to learn the theory since it will be used right away.

Only teach

When an educator teaches a topic, it creates a power dynamic between the educator and the learner since the educator is the one with the knowledge. Naturally the educator often uses the opportunity of an audience to sell an idea, market themselves, or simply take too much time to explain the topic at hand, because they can and it will be okay. This attitude creates inefficiencies in the delivery of the material, and frustration on the learner. While the learner is solely interested in learning he/she often has to actively skip material to get to the real part.

At Tech Buzz the courses only have teaching content and there is no place or time spent for other motivations.

Every second counts

Tying to the previous idea, often educator uses the opportunity of having a valuable educational material and an audience to their benefit by adding an intro music, title sequence, or content that don’t relate to the actual learning. This is at the expense of the learner’s time.

5 seconds of stalling time in a video for the learner x 10,000 learners = 13.8 hours of wasted time at the learners’ expense.

At Tech Buzz videos immediately start, edited to skip excessive pauses, and solely focus on the teaching material.

End Result

The end result we aim to achieve - and our youtube feedback points strongly towards this achievement - is to create a high impact and delightful learning experience for the learner in the shortest time possible. Come join us at Tech Buzz to learn with this experience.


"The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”

Charlie Munger Berkshire Annual Meeting 2010

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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