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Bahadir Balban

Buzz Founder,@buzz

What is it?

Tech Buzz lets you launch a developer focused educational sites and communities.


Technical products are heavily promoted, but never quite explained well.

The best way to make your audience buy into your solution is to educate on the ways it can be used. This is more true for technical products targeting developers where there are infinite possibilities. Tech Buzz is a product tutorial service that makes it easy to cover your products instead of roll your own solution.

We want to make technology more accessible.

Let’s say you are a digital marketer, you work with computers but don’t know exactly how it all works. It is actually not that complicated, it’s just that either nobody explains the concepts well, or takes too much time while doing it (running you into the danger of getting bored to death).

We know that complex topics can be explained in a way that newcomers can understand, and can be done in the minimum amount of time (like 3 - 5 minutes) touching only on the key concepts that tie into each other.

Buzz as a Platform

Notable features and integrations are listed here. Here is an FAQ.

Buzz content theme is one of educating and helping users. You can read more about the Buzz Metric here. It is like an upvote, specifically for being insightful, informative, enabling, and being fun while doing it.


Founder: Bahadir Balban - Built an embedded hypervisor and microkernel, virtualized the linux kernel, started and sold a high tech company. Profile on Buzz

Back-end SW Engineer: Deepak Gupta - Previous experience with databases, handling the backend and database models. Profile on Buzz

UI / UX Design: Mizko Media, Michael Wong and his team.

Content Editor: Buzz team put together the Buzz editor from libraries made available by Marijn Haverbeke. Marijn helps on a regular basis to improve the Buzz editor.

Engineer/Intern: Claus Marvin Omolo, a Stanford EECS graduate student.


The company Buzz Software Inc is based in Mountain View, CA. We work remotely.

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