How to create a tweet button with specific content

The quickest guide for creating a tweet button with ready-made content

Bahadir Balban

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Why do this?

This will help your avid users spread the word for you if you do the work and prepare what to tweet.

Step 1: Start with the following twitter button code:

<a class="twitter-share-button" data-size="large" 
Tweet: Why SaaSBox?</a>

Step 2: Prepare the content you want tweeted:

When I needed this, I created a quick reminder for why my service matters: E.g. “Why SaaSBox? You should be able to validate your idea, build an audience, build the majority of a web-based SaaS or online business on a budget and quickly.”

Step 3: Encode text into url snippet

Go to this URLEncoder / Decoder website, paste the content, press “encode”

Step 4: Copy and paste the encoded string

Copy & Paste the generated string into right after tweet?text= in the tweet button code. The Step 1 button code has already a working example.

Step 5: Add button in your html.

Regarding the ‘twitter-share-button’ class, when you include some twitter SDK javascript, it will magically parse that class and use the right button style.

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