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Buzz Team


Type of Content on Buzz

Writing content and sharing videos on Buzz is simple. We expect you share a recipe for achieving a goal. Often that goal is a business or technical goal.

We value content that shares the exact steps for doing and achieving something. The purpose is to enable the reader and removing a barrier of progress.

Length of Posts

The content should value the readers time. Most content platforms reward length of content, in Buzz long content is okay but not necessarily required. In fact we try to avoid space fillers. The best content is clear, concise and gets to the point fast. If you have only one point to make, you need not write a 1000 word post.

Videos and video series

We believe video is a very effective way to teach people a concept at scale. Buzz supports single videos and video series, using Youtube and Vimeo as video backends.

Creating a Single Video:

You may copy and paste the video URL in a single post and simply post it. It is best to post 1 video per post, so it is not possible to embed multiple videos in a single document.

Creating a Video Series:

Once you make a video post, you may go to your publication’s “Stories” section, and Create a New Playlist.

Next, drag and drop posts that have a video into the playlist and order them (you can do this on desktop only).

Playlists play in series and on autoplay. Here is an example.

Video Format

Videos shall teach a particular concept getting to the point right away, without pauses, or making comments outside of the focus of the video.

Each video must cover a single concept, best video content stays on topic and does not wander off or branch off to secondary fields. If a concept needs further description, produce another video, (and often the case is that the further description video needs to be produced first, before the current one, and this is fine.).

Again, heavily edit the video to remove unnecessary words, such as “actually, finally, let’s go ahead, and, then, also, uum” etc. Screenflow is a great tool for this.

Text Accompanying the Video

Further explanation or summary of a video in text format can be very powerful. The article below the video can be used to describe commands, programming snippets, or other reference material.

The article below the video is also immensely useful for search engine optimization and attracting people to the page for watching the video.

Example Video Series

Here are some example videos that fit the above description: https://getbuzz.io/c/learning-expressjs

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