Buzz Audience and the Buzz Metric

Bahadir Balban

Started Tech Buzz


Buzz a post if it enabled you to do something new.

Buzz audience is smart, forward-looking, with appetite to learn fast about the world they live in.

Buzz mission and content theme is to teach something useful fast. In addition to likes, we have a core metric called Buzz.

Teach something that enables people.

You buzz a post if you learned something reading from it, but more than that, if the information was actionable, enabler information. For example, valuable advice is useful, but it is not an enabler. But if you share how to do X with a step by step guide, this has valuable information that you can take action on right away. The idea with Buzz is that you the reader, buzz a post only if you are really helped.

If you are a content creator, the best way to stand out is to share content that truly helps the reader achieve something. Your effort counts: each time you make a post in this direction, you reinforce others to do the same, and the end result is a site with awesome content whose every bit has enlightening information.

Explain at the right level for readers.

Buzz creators are inviting and helpful. You are an expert on your domain and your readers are new to it. So make it easier for them to understand! Give them a good chance to get you.

Make it fun.

There is a tonne of valuable information out there in the form of encyclopedias, wiki pages, user manuals, reference manuals. However, these are not fun to read. One reason is that it takes time to extract valuable information that you can use for your case. You need to make your mind work a lot to come to a conclusion. Secondly, there is no presenter or a person, and the flow of content is not conversational.

In contrast to wiki pages, manuals, encyclopedias, make your Buzz content conversational, make it authentic as you would speak to a person, and the reader will relate to you as well as the information you provide.

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