Quick way to clone EBS environment

Bahadir Balban

Started Tech Buzz


  1. First step is to just clone it from the top right corner in the EBS configuration area.

  2. Update database string environment variable to the new database generated after clone.

  3. Update new database with the 2 additional inbound/outbound security group pairs. These are found in the original RDS instance configuration.

  4. Create a new Redis instance. (a single one could work potentially but I did not want to try)

  5. Create a new security group for Redis. This security group will specify to accept inbound traffic from the security group of the EC2 instances of the newly cloned EBS. Every EBS generates a new security group (SG) for the EC2 instances, they can be found in the network configuration section of the EBS. This is an always forgotten crucial step. See more about this here.

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