How to make edits to an Elastic Beanstalk Configuration before cloning it

Buzz Team

Buzz Team


This is a command line guide, and is more robust. There is no clear guide on AWS EBS documentation on these commands:

First save the working environment in a local configuration file:

eb config save buzz-prod-env-alb

Here, buzz-prod-env-alb stands for our existing environment we use. It will prompt and ask for a name for the saved configuration, let us call it buzz-local for now.

Edit the configuration file if needed:

vim .elasticbeanstalk/saved_configs/buzz-local.cfg.yml

Next up, push the edited configuration file to EBS S3 configuration storage:

eb config put buzz-local

That’s it. Now you can go to the web console for elastic beanstalk, and use the “Launch” button to launch a new environment that you have edited from your current, original environment.

This step is also quite handy for creating a new environment and using an existing database snapshot. (You can specify the snapshot when launching)

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