Getting Started with Buzz NodeJS and Text Editor

Developer Guide - Installation instructions on Mac OS X

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Install nvm

brew update
brew install nvm

This will install node version manager. We need this as we need to install specific node version 8.11.3.

Add this to .bash_profile:

source $(brew --prefix nvm)/

then run:

source ~/.bash_profile

Install Node 8.11.3

nvm install 8.11.3

Install PostgreSQL 10.5

brew install postgresql

Start PostgreSQL

brew services restart postgresql

Replace 'restart’ with ‘start’ if this is the first run. You should see something such as:

==> Successfully started `postgresql`

Test your connection by running:


If you cannot connect some troubleshooting guide for version upgrades

Install Redis

brew install redis

Configure Redis as a Daemon

Edit Redis configuration so that it runs in the background when started from the terminal:

open up /usr/local/etc/redis.conf and change the line:

 deamonize no


deamonize yes

Start Redis

redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf

Download Buzz Node JS Repo

git clone

Download Buzz Editor repo

cd buzz-nodejs

git clone

Create Initial Database


CREATE ROLE expressbuzz WITH LOGIN PASSWORD ‘123.456’ ;
CREATE DATABASE expressbuzzdb ;

You need to create database user, name and password exactly above as local settings in the buzz-nodejs app are configured this way. Check buzz-nodejs/config/config.js for more details.

Also a comprehensive guide for Postgres install and setup on Mac OS X is here.

Install all npm packages

cd buzz-nodejs
npm install

Run Buzz-nodejs for the first time

DEBUG=myapp:* NODE_ENV=development WIPEOUT_DB_ON_START=1 SEED_DEVEL=1 npm start

This will create all database tables for first time, seed the database, then start the server. In subsequent runs you can use:

DEBUG=myapp:* NODE_ENV=development npm start

Check out the application by pointing your browser at http://localhost:8081

Buzz Web Editor Build / Update/ Install process

You may learn more about that here.

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