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On Mac OS X

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A successful EBS deployment looks like this.

Configuring AWS commandline tool

On a new Laptop I wanted to go over the ebs deployment process. For this I needed to install awscli:

brew install awscli

The first command to run:

aws configure

This will ask for your access key and secret. You may create a new key and secret on the AWS web console:

Copy and paste them to the commandline that ran the aws command.

The aws command line is configured.

Installing AWS EB CLI

brew update

brew install awsebcli

Deploy your EBS environment

eb deploy <environment name>

For example:

eb deploy buzz-prod-env-2

That’s it!

In another guide, I will cover Node.js deployment, nitty gritty details of how to set up the deploy configuration (which is fairly small and simple) how to set up the actual EBS environment.

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